About Us

What is Youth Futures?

Youth Futures Incorporated (YFI) is a non profit organisation that offers a number of community services primarily aimed at young people. Despite this, most of our programs are not age dependent.


Seasonal Work

Another long running core program offered by Youth Futures has been our employment support service. This service has many similarities with a Job Network, and basically acts as a job placement agency, but with some very important differences.

Job Active

Work for the Dole

Youth Futures run a varied Work for the Dole program. It is aimed at job seekers hoping to develop skills in a diverse range of outdoor skills. Contact your Job Active Agency if you would like to participate.



One of the core services we offer is emergency/crisis accommodation for young men who are homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless. This has been the 'core business' of Youth Futures since it began (as NYSA) back in 1980.



Youth Futures is a Registered Training Organisation. This allows us to provide nationally recognised certified training to individuals and/or employers and other organisations. We offer a range of specific and general training.